Group Chat + Video Conferencing + File Sharing During Covid-19 Lock Down


We hope that You and your family, friends and staff are safe at home during these unprecedented times.

This is a quick "Did you know?"  announcement to let you know that all Windows + Email Hosting Only packages hosted with Absolute Hosting include features which may benefit you during the lock down.


Group Chat + Video Conferencing + File Sharing


Simply head on over to your webmail and log in using an active email address on your hosted domain to start using Group Chat + Video Conferencing + File Sharing.

We've included a link to the SmarterMail Documentation to help get you started as quickly as possible.

We ask that all Resellers share this information with their clients as they too may not be aware of these features which are already available to them.


The team at Absolute Hosting

Monday, April 13, 2020

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