How to pay invoices using Instant EFT

Absolute Hosting provides you with many secure methods to pay for your services with us.

Instant EFT provided by PayFast allows you to add credit to your account with PayFast via EFT and use the funds to pay your Absolute Hosting invoices.

Log in to the Absolute Hosting Client Service Area (AHCSA)
Click the View Invoice button for the invoice you wish to pay

View Invoice

On the View Invoice Page, click the Pay Now button to be redirect to PayFast's Secure Payment Gateway.

Pay Now
On PayFast's Payment Page click the Instant EFT button

PayFast Instant EFT

Select the bank name that you bank with

PayFast Instant EFT Bank Selection

Follow the instructions listed on the PayFast website to complete an Instant EFT to PayFast using your Unique Reference Number

PayFast Instant EFT Unique Reference Number

After completing your payment to PayFast using your Unique Reference Number click the I HAVE MADE PAYMENT button on the PayFast Gateway

The transaction will complete and your payment will be allocated to your invoice and a copy of the Paid Invoice sent to you via email.

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