How to add a domain name to the Solid Control Panel.

This Guide will walk you through creating a new domain name and customer on the Solid Control Panel.

  1. Log into your Solid Control panel.

  2. Once logged in, click on the Create Customer button.

    Solid customers

  3. Enter the required customer details and then click on the Create button to the bottom right of the page.

    customerss 2

  4. Once the customer is created, the Hosting Spaces menu will load. 
    From here click on the Create Hosting Space button.

    hosting spaces

  5. Select your desired hosting plan from the drop down menu and tick the boxes to send Summary letters if desired.
    Click on the Create Space button when done. 

    hosting spaces 2

  6. To add the new domain name click on Hosting Space Menu in the menu on the left of the page.
    Click on Domains in the sub-menu.
    click on the Add Domain button on the right of the page.


  7. Enter your new domain name in the provided block and use the tick boxes to create a website and enable DNS if required. 
    NOTE: When creating a website, tick the box and leave the website name field blnk to create a website with the same name as the domain.
    Once Done, click on the Add  Domain button to complete creating the domain in the control panel.

    add new domain

  8. You are now able to manage the new domain from within your Solid Control Panel.
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