How to archive your email at home.

If you wish to archive and backup your email at home, we suggest using the below software.
MailStore Home 11

To install and setup the software please follow the below guide.

  1. Download MailStore Home 11
  2. Run the installation file and accept the licence agreement and click the next button. 

    MailStore Home

  3. Select your installation loction, typically this would be 'install on this computer' and click the install button.

    MailStore installation location

  4. Once the installation is complete click on finish. The application should then automatically open.
  5. From the start page, click on te archive email option.

    MailStore Start Page

  6. On the archive page, enter the email address you wish to create a home archive for and click on start. 
    You will be prompted for the mail account password. Enter your account password and click ok.

    Mailstore Account Setup

  7. If MailStore can not detect your mail acocunt settings, you will need to manually enter them.

  8. Once setup is compelte you will receive a positive notice and can start archiving mail.

    MailStore setup complete

This program will allow you to create and keep archives of your mail on your local PC for backup and peace of mind.

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