Support for Free SSL Certificates

Absolute Hosting provides Lets Encrypt Certificates on an as is basis and with no support.

These free ssl certificates can be installed on your website via many of the control panels that are available across our various hosting packages.

As is with most things that are free, there are limitations.

In the event that you experience an issue with the installation of your Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate or experience issues with the renewal of your Lets Encrypt Certificate , you will need to resolve these issues yourself.

Please do not contact us and request assistance as we do not provide any support for these free certificates and they are provided as is.

We do not install free SSL certificates as these steps are well documented within our knowledge base articles.

Should your website require an SSL Certificate then consider purchasing a commercial ssl certificate which includes, support and free installation.

Alternatively remove the free ssl from your website and try re-issue later.

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