How to create a PTR record for your VPS Server

Follow the steps below to create a PTR (reverse DNS) record for your VPS Server. 


Absolute Hosting Client Service Area Login

  • Click on the Domains menu option.
  • Within the dropdown menu click on Manage DNS. domains-manage-DNS

  • Within the DNS Manager click on the Manage Reverse DNS button. DNS-manager- page

  • Click on the blue Add PTR button. add-ptr

  • Use the drop down menu to select the VPS to create the PTR record for. select-vps

  • Check the IP address of the VPS.
  • Within the RDATA field, enter the PTRD name to be created. 
  • Click on the green Add button to complete the creation of the PTR record. create-ptr

You should now find your newly created PTR record within the list of reverse DNS records. 

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