How to setup Automatic Payment via PayFast

This guide will walk you through the process of creating an automatic payment method with PayFast - this works similar to traditional debit order facilities.

Log in to the Absolute Hosting Client Service Area client service area login

Once logged in, click the arrow to the right of your name to show the drop down menu and click Edit Account Details. edit account details

On the My Details page, scroll down to Payment Method and ensure that PayFast is selected as the default payment method. default payment method set default payment method to PayFast

Save your changes.

Browse to the My Invoices page by clicking on the Billing drop down menu and clicking My Invoices. my invoices

Click the Unpaid button on any invoice which is Unpaid. unpaid invoices

On the invoice page, confirm that the payment method for the invoice is set to PayFast. If not set then use the drop down menu under Payment Method to change the method of payment to PayFast. invoice payment method
Image below shows how to change an invoice payment method to PayFast set invoice payment method to payfast

Click the Subscribe Now button to start the process of storing your credit card details with PayFast and setting up an automatic payment method similar to that of a traditional debit order. subscribe to payfast automatic payments

As per below, if the correct option is selected (Subscribe Now) the PayFast payment page displays a message confirming : "Completing this process will allow Absolute Hosting to automatically process future payments." complete payfast automatic payments

Complete the transaction.

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